A Model for the Estimation of the Cost of Use of Li-Ion batteries in residential storage applications integrated with PV panels

The increasing penetration of intermittent Renewable Energy Sources (RES) such as PV generators in the residential distribution grid raises technical concerns. Residential energy storage is an enabling technology for mitigating the adverse effects of the increasing RES penetration and provides the necessary flexibility for its owner to participate in electricity markets or in market-based control […]

Local electricity market design for the coordination of distributed energy resources at district level

The increasing penetration of distributed energy resources at the distribution grid level creates concerns about their successful integration in the existing electric grid, designed for centralized generation by large power plants. Failure to the proper integration of distributed energy resources might lead to violation of technical limits in the grid, thus lower power quality for […]

Application of time-series and Artificial Neural Network models in short term load forecasting for scheduling of storage devices

In the context of the smart grid, scheduling residential energy storage device is necessary to optimize technical and market integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), especially the ones based on renewable energy. The first step to achieve proper scheduling of the storage devices is electricity consumption forecasting at individual household level. This paper compares the […]